Julia Burkart

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Julia Burkart

Adventure Seeker. Architecture & Design Lover. Bookworm. Foodie. Expert Listener.

Julia moved to a farm outside of Okotoks from England, in Grade 8 - a dramatic move for a teenager, which still gives Julia much empathy for new Calgarians/Canadians, and the process of moving & settling into a new life.
A very proud owner of a 103-year-old Calgarian Craftsman home which, with her architect husband, they have re-designed, restored & improved upon. Julia has a good eye for design & gets very excited when helping clients find the right home for their needs.
With an active family, Julia is often found at the soccer pitch, hiking, biking, surfing, camping and generally always seeking new experiences.

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Office Phone 587-390-0589
Cellphone 403-390-0513

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